Streamlining Your Life: How to Reduce Daily Decisions and Combat Decision Fatigue Part 2 of 7

Making Small Decisions in Advance for a Stress-Free Day

Coach Christina

2/2/20241 min read


Pre-planning daily activities and making small decisions in advance can greatly contribute to a stress-free day. By taking the time to think ahead and make decisions beforehand, individuals can reduce the mental load of decision-making throughout the day.

One effective strategy is to plan out your schedule and prioritize tasks the night before or early in the morning. (For more about how to prioritize tasks, see blog series: The Art of Prioritizing Lists) This allows you to have a clear outline of what needs to be accomplished, minimizing the need for constant decision-making throughout the day.

Another helpful approach is pre-selecting outfits or meal options for the day. By deciding what to wear or eat in advance, you eliminate unnecessary decision-making when you are already pressed for time or feeling overwhelmed.

Additionally, creating routines and establishing habits can further reduce decision fatigue. By having set patterns for certain activities such as exercise, meal times, or even leisure activities, you free up mental energy that would otherwise be spent on making choices.

By proactively making small decisions in advance and pre-planning daily activities, individuals can alleviate stress and improve productivity by reducing decision fatigue. This allows for a more focused and efficient approach to tackling tasks throughout the day.

Task: Take some time today to make some small decisions that will help streamline your tomorrow.