My Services

I provide personalized coaching services that are centered around the needs and goals of each individual client. My approach is solution focused, meaning that I work with clients to identify and achieve their desired outcomes. Through a structured 5 step process, I guide clients in setting specific goals, developing strategies, and implementing actions to create positive change in their lives. With a focus on individual attention and tailored support, my coaching services are designed to empower clients and help them unlock their full potential.

Common Client Roadblocks

My clients often experience:

  • anxiety and overwhelm

  • lack of focus

  • difficulty making decisions

  • insomnia or poor quality sleep

  • constantly tired and fatigued

  • have difficulty setting boundaries and saying "no"

  • stress eats

  • easily angered or frustrated

Client Results

Working with me for three months has shown significant improvements for 100% of my clients. They have experienced a boost in energy levels, increased productivity, and a better ability to handle the daily stresses of life. This positive change is a direct result of consistently using the tools and strategies that I provide. By implementing these techniques, my clients have gained a sense of empowerment and are now able to live their lives with purpose, aligned with their core values. It is truly rewarding to witness the transformation that my clients undergo, as they become more energized, productive, and capable of managing the challenges that come their way.

My Process

There are 5 steps in my coaching approach.

  1. Assess where you are now

  2. Establish stress reduction and wellness goals

  3. Align actions with goals

  4. Troubleshoot roadblocks

  5. Build consistency

Coaching Fee Menu

Single Session
selective focus of pink petaled flower blooming
selective focus of pink petaled flower blooming


1 session | Rate shared at Discovery Call

Multiple Sessions
waterlilies during daytime
waterlilies during daytime

Single Pour

6 sessions | Rate shared at Discovery Call

On the Rocks

8 sessions  | Rate shared at Discovery Call

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